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Nov 13, 2012 11:00pm EST
d.c. council chairman kwame brown stays out of trouble, he won'tspend time in jail for a campaign finance violation. a judge sentenced him to 30 days in jail but suspended the sentence. earlier in the day a federal judge sentenced brown to one day in custody followed by six months of home detention for lying on loan applications. he also has to complete 480 hours of community service. brown admitted to both those crimes in june. >>> two jurisdictions and two unexplained murders. now, the teen suspect accused of being that killer is locked up. chad as an adult. our ken molestina is live in charles county where authorities made the big announcement today. kenny? >> reporter: yeah, they did, derek. this is one of those investigations out here that's beginning to take all kinds of strange turns that show you we're talking about. this is the 17-year-old suspect, joshua mebane. authorities say he's responsible for killing a 40- year-old woman out here and critically injuring her husband in nearby. but this teen is locked up in the district and 30 mis away from here, because d.c. police
Nov 2, 2012 1:35am EDT
translate? >> question finally understand what you're saying. it's wonderful. [laughter] craig: alton brown, geoff peterson. good night, everybody. good night. [cheers and applause] >> this is 9 news now. >> the presidential candidates are out tonight. some maryland vet years trying to avoid long lines on tuesday found themselves in long lines this city and that is where we found them too. >> reporter: there was early voting in 2010 too but the number of early voters has already more than doubled the total number of early voters then. speaking of election history and how it repeats itself, 50 years ago last night there was this. >> next tuesday, november 6, is election day. i hope every american will turn out and vote. >> they did. the rush hour in silver spring was crawling with early voters thursday evening, undeterred by storm cleanup or broken legs. >> voting is our right. i would not miss it for anything. >> reporter: voters said they waited more than an hour to vote. why take the time to do it? >> because i want my vote to matter and i have been to eager to vote and get this election
Nov 2, 2012 11:00pm EDT
and has short brown hair. recognize that guy? call the cops. >>> and we have also learned that another woman was groped. this time in the springfield area. it happened on thursday afternoon in the 7200 block of commerce street. this is the 8th groping reported there in the last couple of months. the woman says she screamed when the pervert grabbed her and then he took off running. take a look at this sketch from the prious attack. the most recent victim says that this man, he does resemble the man who grabbed her. anita? >>> think your baby is adorable? who doesn't. well one guy says his daughter is down-right ugly and blames the mom. he even took her to court. this is a story that you've got to hear. >>> and this train is just a chugging along. you know what's going to happen and you know that you still want to see it. join us after the break. >>> when babies are first born, they are not always super cute. >> no, not always. but every parent thinks that their baby is still adorable, right? >> wrong. there's a guy in china that says his daughter was so ugly that he was horrified. now f
Nov 15, 2012 11:00pm EST
their quarterbacks. go ahead and add their leading rusher to the list of the wounded. wes brown will need shoulder surgery after injuring himself in the wake forest game. recovery time 20 weeks. wow, hard to believe. >>> all right, meanwhile virginia and nc. that's gangnam style. kevin parks stuck in neutral. north carolina with a great goal line style. later in the drive, virginia defense allergic to covering giovanni bernard. virginia wins 37-13. >>> finally tonight, derek, you are gonna love this. au and mount st. mary's. barn burner on nebraska. steven lumpkin, call him the tidy bowl man. game high 21, mount st. mary's going for the win. eagles win 52-57, and mr. mcginty is going to be happy. >> au! >> he's done. >>> anybody got kids at the movies tonight? there we go. got to ask you. team edward or team jacob? >> yes, well, moving on. >> a big night for twi-hards. "breaking dawn part 2" hit theaters tonight. bella is getting used to her new life as a vamp fire and a mom when the cullen clan comes under threat. the movie raid pg-13 is probably going to draw some serious crowds tonight. you're
Nov 6, 2012 10:55pm EST
brown, an iraq war veteran, a guy who has been campaigning for president obama all around the country. what's your mood now that this has been called for the president? >> look, i'm excited. i really am. this is clearly the most important election today, put aside question 7, 6, 5, 4, and even the senate races in maryland, this clearly was the biggest one. we'll now continue moving america forward under the president's leadership. you mentioned my iraq war status. look, i'm proud that the president made a commitment to end the war in iraq, and he did that. he made a lot of promises that he kept. he made a promise to expand health care and he did it. he made a promise to level the playing field between wall street and main street, and he's done it. he's been fighting for america. america saw it, and the election result reflects that. >> in the second term, are we going to see some answers to these big questions facing america? is he going to have this great solution to the debt crisis and spending and doing it in a balanced way and compromising with the republicans? >> sure, i mean, th
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)